The wide wing seat was developed by joint efforts between eight time AMA National champion Rick Johnson and GUTS Racing. As off-road motorcycles have become thinner and more compact it has become increasingly harder to grip and control the bike with the knees. The lower body is far stronger that the upper body allowing the rider greater control. The more a rider can use their lower body to control the bike the less upper body fatigue.

Used by many top AMA MX/SX, MXGP and Pro Privateers. Some of the riders using the "Wing Seat" include;
• Dean Wilson Factory Rockstar Husqvarna https://www.instagram.com/p/BSMZ8uBlMWl/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=151x2li1o7quo
• Michael Mosiman Rockstar Husqvarna
• MXGP Iceone Rockstar Husqvarna team

VOTED BEST OF 2018 by Keefer inc testing
Available models;
• Honda CRF250R 2018-19, CRF250RX 2019, CRF450R CRF450RX 2017-19, CRF450RWE 450L 450X 2019
• Husqvarna (TC125 2016-18)(TC250 2017-18)(FC250/350/450 2016-18)(TE150/250/300 2017-19)(TX300 2017-18)(FE250/350/450/501 2017-19)(FS450 2016-18)(FX350/450 2017-18)
(FE450 ROCKSTAR EDITION 2018-19), TC125,250 2019, (FC250,350,450 2019), (FX350/450 2019)
• Kawasaki KX450F 2019
• KTM (SX-F SE 2015)(250/350/450 SX-F 125/150SX 250/350/450 XC-F 2016-18)(EXC 250/350/500 XC-W 150/250 2017-18)
(450SX-F FE 2018)(450-SX-F 2019)(350SX-F 250SX-F 2019)(250SX 150SX 125SX 2019)(450XC-F, 350XC-F, 250XC-F 2019)
•Suzuki RMZ450F 2008-2017
RMZ450F 2018-19, RMZ250 2019
• Yamaha YZ250F 2014-18,YZ450F 2014-17, WR250F YZ250FX 2015-19, YZ450FX WR450F 2016-18
YZ250F 2019, YZ450F 2018-19, YZ450FX 2019, WR450F 2019