Color Info

Pantone® Cool Grey 8 c

Pantone® 200 c

Matches GasGas red (frame)

Pantone® 021 c

Bright orange color made exclusively for Guts to match stock KTM plastics

Pantone® 102 c

Matches stock Suzuki plastics 2001 to current

Pantone® 809 c

Matches (close match/not exact) lower Husqvarna current model fork guards

NOTE: This color will FADE

Pantone® Color System-9228

Matches after market flo/neon green plastics

NOTE: This color will FADE

Pantone® 368 c

Matches current model stock Kawasaki green plastics

Pantone® 3258 c

Pantone® 2945 c

Matches current model RMZ 250 & 450 blue part of the seat

Matches Husqvarna Heritage edition

Pantone® 2746 c

Matches the current model Yamaha and BETA

Matches color used on KTM TLD race team
Pantone® 289 c

Matches stock Husqvarna Factory Edition seat cover and stock KTM blue seat cover (for model years 2023 and after)

Used by MXGP Husqvarna race team

Pantone® 806 c

Bright Pink

Pantone® 266 c

Pantone® 7505 c